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Our Team is made up of me as well as two architects and a marketing&sales manager. Our vision does not contemplate temporary collaborations or outsourced work as unfortunately is common in archietectures jobs.

We view our employees as persons first, and important long-term assents.

Atelier: Il nostro team

Telmo Rodrigues, was born in 1973 and graduated in Architecture at the Lusiada University of Lisboa in 1998.

He deals with designing in different areas, collaborating with various architectural firms until the year 2000 when he begins to manage projects under his own name.

In 2002, with the birth of his first daughter,  consolidated the decision to open his own studio on the upper floor of home, so as to allow him proximity to family.

Over the years  has developed numerous projects and collaborations, later supported by his team of architects, until the decision to open, in 2020, a new Atelier in the hub of his work of recent years at the Herdade de Aroeira, where he maintained projects of great reference.

His projects surprises for innovation and design and at the same time comfort for the practicality, the beauty and the improvement of the living conditions of his customers.


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